Assembly bill A.1771

Dear Dr. Spinelli:

Thank you very much for contacting me.  It was a pleasure to meet you at the GMHC event last year.  I apologize that, due to an error in my office, you received a form letter reply to your e-mail.

I appreciate you sharing your personal story with me and letting me know of your support for Assembly bill A.1771 (Markey), which would eliminate the statute of limitations in criminal and civil actions and revive civil actions for certain sex offenses.  I commend you for your advocacy on this issue and for your diligence in bringing your abuser to justice. 

As I stated in the reply you previously received, I have supported earlier versions of this proposal. 

The bill was referred to the Assembly Codes Committee in January, and, so far, no other action has taken place.  I assure you I will give your comments careful consideration in determining my position on this issue. 

I appreciate your consideration in writing to me.  Please do not hesitate to contact me on any matter that concerns you.

Very truly yours,

Richard N. Gottfried

Assembly Member