Pizza-ish - Fight the real enemy

I'm continueing my tirade on pizza-like products Americans know and love. Since I wrote about Papa John's yesterday and singled out Peyton Manning as a promoter of childhood obesity, I thought it was fair to mention another big pizza chain - Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut recently reformulated their hand-tossed crust by replacing the high fructose corn syrup with sucralose (Splenda). This is an artificial sweetener. I mentioned previously that many artifically sweetened products stimulate the brain centers that respond to sugar, resulting in weight gain and increases in body fat because individuals that ate artificially sweetened products tend to eat more.

But Pizza Hut has the distinction of having a great spokesman- Blake Shelton, star of NBC's The Voice. Not only is Blake Shelton a huge music star but he endorses not one but two products loaded with sugar that target your children: Pizza Hut pizza and Pepsi Cola.

In all fairness, I am providing a list I found on that shows you what other large chain pizza makers use as ingredients.