Cocaine vs. Sugar- Fight the real enemy

Did you know that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine?

It makes sense when you think about it. Eating sugar causes glucose levels to increase. The body releases insulin to lower blood glucose. Once glucose levels drop, cravings for more sugar develop.

Researchers performed brain scans to compare neural activity of obese individuals, cocaine addicts and people who were neither obese nor addicted to cocaine. They found that the scans were similiar among the obese and cocaine addicts. Pleasure centers in the brain release domapine. Dopamine is the brain chemical that is released from its receptors when we feel pleasure.These pleasure centers were decreased in obese individuals and cocaine addicts. Dopamine gets released but over time it diminishes so that the individual requires more cocaine or in the case of an obese individual, more sugar.

That's why it is important to choose food with a low glycemic index. These include foods that are high fiber grains like quinoa and brown rice. Avoid white rice and food made from white flour. Instead opt for whole grains or sprouted grains. Eat fruit. Not fruit juice.

And remember: protein, protein, protein.